How to sell a game account

See a guide on how to quickly make an ad for your account to sell. Sell ​​or Buy account for free, fast and easy

  • Once you have successfully registered, click on the “ADD LISTING” button

2. Then you can choose the FREE package (always available, no restrictions!) OR DONATION package (some features are additionally enabled)

3.Then fill in all the fields.
- 1.Upload an Image * (800 pixels along one side)
- 2.Write description *
- 3.Select categories *
- 4.You can add a link from to your youtube
- 5. Mark that you have read the terms & conditions.
- 6. Click on the "Save Changes" button

Marks with * are required

That’s all. Your ad is visible on our site. The ad will be visible until you remove it from the site yourself. Please remove the ad immediately or resell it when you sell your products. Be sure to keep track of your email and your messages on our site.

If you need any help or questions, please contact us :